IBC Validator
Infra Provider

Cosmos Spaces is a team involved in providing top services in validation, relaying and endpoints in the Cosmos Ecosystem.

Started with Twitter Spaces and double down to infra provider, and consulting.
Chains relayed
monthly IBC
Txs relayed
public endpoints
Twitter Spaces
in 2 years
nodes runned

Actively operating
30+ chains

Professional Proof-of-Stake Validator. Top IBC relayer and endpoints RPCs, APIs, gRPC provider
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our mission

Contribute to the growth of Cosmos

Play a vital role in Cosmos' growth by actively contributing to its thriving community:
Education and governance
Community engagement
Providing Infra

Prioritizing Safety and
Community Dedication

Redundant Infrastructure

Our global infrastructure ensures maximum reliability and uninterrupted service availability. With strategically located data centers and redundant systems, we guarantee exceptional performance and resilience.

24/7 Monitoring

Our infrastructure is continuously monitored 24/7, providing proactive surveillance and prompt response to any potential issues. With round-the-clock monitoring, we ensure the highest level of uptime, security, and operational efficiency for our services.

Horcrux Security

Leveraging multi-party computation and threshold signatures, we ensures both high availability and security, avoiding double signing through consensus and failover detection mechanisms.

Top IBC relaying service

As one of the top relayers in the industry, we excel in facilitating smooth and secure data transmission between blockchains. With our expertise and proven track record, we provide reliable and efficient relaying services, enabling seamless interoperability.

RPCs APIs endpoints

We provide an extensive array of chain endpoints. As operators of multiple chains, we offer a wide range of endpoints that facilitate seamless communication between apps and the blockchain infrastructure.

Activity in testnets

We actively participate in the ever-growing number of testnets within the Cosmos ecosystem. By staying involved in this dynamic environment, we contribute to the thriving innovation and progress of Cosmos-based blockchains.

Multilingual Community

We are proud to have a thriving Spanish community, where we actively engage and foster meaningful interactions.

Twitter Spaces

Dive into interactive and real-time dialogues with industry experts, thought leaders, and fellow community members. Stay connected, share insights, and participate in exciting conversations that drive the pulse of our community.

Governance involvement

We actively participate in governance processes. By actively involving ourselves in governance, we strive to ensure a decentralized and inclusive decision-making process that benefits the entire community.